michelle charette

 Find an updated version (September 2023) of my CV here.

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at York University. 

My PhD research draws on scholarship from science and technology studies, care ethics, and phenomenology to study the experience of living in pain and biotechnologies of pain measurement in the clinical encounter.

By speaking with patients, care providers, app designers, and healthcare consultants, my work maps the material, technical, and invisible parts of pain care infrastructure in the United States and Canada. 

Hello! This is a photograph of me, Michelle. I am a white 30-year old woman with blue eyes and medium length blonde hair. In this photo I am looking directly at the camera and smiling with teeth. I am wearing a blue and black shirt with an abstract print of butterfly wing-like shapes.

 Get in touch: michgc [at] yorku.ca