Michelle Charette

Department of Science and Technology Studies                          

York University                                                                                         

Toronto, Ontario                                                                                                                                                                                   


Areas of Specialization:

STS, phenomenology, medical humanities, ethnography 




2019-2024 (expected)          PhD in Science and Technology Studies, York University


2018                          MA in Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan University


2016                               BA in Arts and Contemporary Studies, with Specialization in Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan         University


Additional Training

2018                          Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

                                  The Centre for Subjectivity Research & University of Copenhagen


Research Experience                            

2022 – Present            Senior Research Assistant

A Situated Neurology: A sensory ethnography of brain trauma with patients, clinicians, scientists, and neuro-tech innovation

PIs: Dr. Denielle Elliott, Dr. Susan Berkhout


2021-2022                 Research Assistant

   Placebo Talks Back

          PIs: Dr. Ada Jaarsma, Dr. Susan Berkhout


2020-2022                 Research Assistant

                                  Neurological Imaginaries                     

                                  PI: Dr. Denielle Elliott


Awards & Fellowships

2022                          Academic Excellence Fund

                                  Faculty of Graduate Studies

                                  York University


2022 – 2024                 Doctoral Fellowship

                                  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


2021                          Global & Community Engagement Collaborative

                                  Project Fund, LA&PS, York University

2021                          LA&PS Seed Grant for Collaborative Research Initiatives

                                  York University


2020                          Mitacs Research and Training Award                     


2019 – 2024                 Doctoral Fellowship

   York University           


2017                          Graduate Development Award

                                  Toronto Metropolitan University         


2016                          Graduate Fellowship

                                  Toronto Metropolitan University


Book Chapters

Forthcoming 2024. Charette, Michelle. “Curator’s Note”. In Denielle Elliott and Matthew Wolf-Meyer, eds. Fieldnotes, Raw and Unedited. University of Minnesota Press.


Forthcoming 2023. Charette, Michelle and Denielle Elliott. “Sensing the Afterlife: Multisensorial ethnography and injured minds”. In The Routledge International Handbook of Sensory Ethnography, Edited by Phillip Vannini. 


Peer Reviewed Publications

Forthcoming 2023. Charette, Michelle. “Sensory Futures: Deafness and Cochlear Implant Infrastructure in India" – Michelle Friedner. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota. 2022). IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.


Charette, Michelle, Elizabeth Lima, and Denielle Elliott. 2022. “Sonic Stories, Sensory Ethnography, and Listening with an Injured Mind.” Multimodality & Society 2 (2): 165–73.


Charette, Michelle. 2021. “Aging in a Technoscientific World: Postphenomenology versus Critical Phenomenology Medical Technics: By Don Ihde, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2019, 94 Pp., $10.00 (Paperback), ISBN 978-1-5179-0830-0.” Science as Culture 30 (4): 586–90.


Charette, Michelle. 2020. “Review of Fables and Futures: Biotechnology, Disability, and the Stories We Tell Ourselves, by George Estreich (MIT Press, 2019).” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 6 (2).


Charette, Michelle and Dayna Jeffrey. 2020. “STS Futures Symposium Report.” Society for Social Studies of Science. Backchannels. April 14.

Charette, Michelle. 2018. “Emotional Contagion: Rethinking Empirical Expression.” Filosofisk Supplement. University of Oslo Student Journal of Philosophy and History of Ideas.


Digital Publications

Charette, Michelle and Robert Desjarlais. 2021. Writing Life No. 5: An interview with Robert Desjarlais. Somatosphere, January 22.


Multimodal Publications

Charette, Michelle, Helene Charette, and Denielle Elliott. 2022. “Neurological Imaginaries”. In Connections: Bringing Neuroscience and Art Together. Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute. 


Conference Talks

07/2023              From Infliction to Prediction: The politics of temporality in analgesic artifacts

University of Toronto and Western University, International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology


03/2023               “There is Nothing Fun About Pain”: Medical adherence and the game market

York University, Science and Technology Studies Seminar Series


02/2023               Visual Culture and Brain Injury: An analysis of neuro-artefacts (peer-reviewed poster)

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s 15th Annual Brain Injury Conference

*co-presenter with Em Panetta


12/2022           Public Hope in Virtual Healthcare: Pain, Friction, and Pathway Convergence

                         4S Annual Conference


07/2022           Getting a Grip: m-Health Technologies and Tactile Resistance

  European Association for the Study of Science and Technology


05/2022                Adopting arts-based methods to explore sensory disturbances among patients with acquired brain injuries (peer-    reviewed poster)

  Canadian Association for Neuroscience


04/2022           Situated Neurology: An ethnographic study of neurology in Kenya

                         York University, Institute for Global Health Research

  *co-presenter with Denielle Elliott


05/2021          A Magic Encyclopedia: Time, Memory, and Trauma

                         Concordia University Center for Sensory Studies, Uncommon Senses III

                         *co-presenter with Denielle Elliott


03/2021          Working with Glass: A Visual Ethnography of Pain and Adaptation

                         Imagining Differently: Research-Creation Practices in Urgent Times

                         York University


03/2021          Adversity-Borne Hope: Randomized Controlled Trials and Epistemic Vigilance

                         Phenomenology and its Worlds                     

                         Villanova University



10/2019     Health Care and Phenomenology Workshop 

                         St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University                               


2017                Phenomenology of Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain Workshop

  Toronto Metropolitan University Philosophy Department 


Editorial Work

2021-2022            Editorial Assistant

  Forthcoming, 2024. D. Elliott and Matthew Wolf-Meyer, eds. Fieldnotes, Raw and Unedited. University of   

  Minnesota Press.


University Service

2022-2023           PhD Representative, Graduate Conference Vetting Committee Member

 York University Science and Technology Studies Department


2021-2022           Social Events Coordinator, Treasurer, Co-Conference Coordinator, Conference Vetting Committee
York University Science and Technology Studies Department


2020                     Committee Member

                              STS Symposium

                              York University, Science and Technology Studies Department


2018                     Graduate Conference Chair
Selfhood: A Dialogue Between Phenomenology and Neurocentrism

                              Toronto Metropolitan University


Course Director

2023/2024       SOSC3116 The Patient

                         York University


Guest Lectures
01/2023          Digital Therapeutics in Canada

                             STS6001 STS Graduate Colloquium

                             York University

01/2023              Contested Illness

SOSC2110 A Critical Study of Health and Society

York University

02/2023              Virtual Ethnography

RTA 934 Virtual Identities & Communities

Toronto Metropolitan University


10/2021               Ethnographic Methods

          RTA 934 Virtual Identities & Communities
  Toronto Metropolitan University


Teaching Assistant

2019 –2023      SOSC2110 A Critical Study of Health and Society

                         York University


2016 – 2018         SSH105 Critical Thinking

                         Toronto Metropolitan University


Grading Assistant

2023                NATS1510 History of the Environment
                        York University


2021, 2022       NATS 1870 Understanding Colour

                         York University                 

2021                SOSC3103 Health and Development in the Global South

                         York University


2020                NATS 1560 Understanding Food

                         York University                          


2020                NATS 1670 Concepts in Human Health and Disease

                         York University